Daily Postings – Cyberoam Weirdness, Openfire Upgrade, Embedding YouTube Videos in PowerPoint

So a few things I had to deal with this morning that might be of use to other IT departments with a similar setup.

Cyberoam Weirdness

We use a Cyberoam i200 appliance as our firewall/content filtering/magic connectivity box. They’re a pretty solid appliance but occasionally have some weird hiccups.

The Problem:  Users reporting no e-mail from night before. Cyberoam detecting all traffic related to our Exchange server from outside the network (i.e. incoming and outgoing mail) as a DOS attack.
The Cause: No freaking clue, couldn’t find any reference to a problem or anything in any logs. Assumed malware on the server but didn’t see anything suspicious.  Packet capture just showed “DOS attack” over and over for no reason.  I assumed a power outage or something messed it up but no such thing happened. Firewall just quit working right randomly in the middle of the day.
What it was Last Time: The “Verify senders IP reputation” was checked in the anti-spam configuration page. This did not cause the DoS attack flag on the packet capture though.
The Fix: After a lot of straining to figure out what was the problem and coming up with nothing I just rebooted the appliance. Mail started flowing again as soon as the services came back up. Once it came up a bunch of minor issues were fixed too. We had some goofy internet slowness and external DNS wasn’t responding either.

Openfire Upgrade

We run an Openfire server on Ubuntu as our internal IM server. Had a few issues with LDAP integration not being timely and decided to go ahead and upgrade. Pretty easy thing to do. I downloaded the 3.7.1 package using the command line.


sudo wget http://download.igniterealtime.org/openfire/openfire_3.7.1_all.deb

sudo dpkg -i openfire_3.7.1_all.deb

It was pretty easy, I just had to do the dpkg command three times. I guess it updated a trust store, then something else the second time, and finally the product the third time. After that I had to reboot. There were no real issues with anything once it was upgraded, and the Spark clients re-connected automatically. I will note that we’re running Ubuntu Lucid and the link above is the actual link to the file from Ignite Realtime, which I can’t make any guarantees that it will work forever.

Embedded YouTube Videos in PowerPoint

Had a request to help embed some YouTube videos in a PowerPoint presentation today as well. I won’t go through the process because this video explains it a lot better than I could:

And that’s it for my 30 minute posting of the day.


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  1. Looking forward to part II. I’m in the mddile of a similar project using cheaper used hardware (prices in Korea):Motherboard: Used generic Via694 or Intel 815 socket 370f($10)CPU: Used Pentium III 1 GHz ($10)RAM: 1GB PC133 (from my collected parts)HDD: I was going to buy a Seagate PATA 40G 7200.7/2M ($35) since my project is also a personal web/mail server but after reading your post, I’m thinking about going with compact flash. I probably don’t need more than 2GB (Transcend 2GB 120x $24) anyway. Less moving parts = happy admin. Especially since I’m trying to make this thing silent .Power supply: I’d buy a fanless one if I could find one here but I’ll probably settle for one with a quiet 120mm fan ($15-20)NIC: Used generic Realtek 8139 ($1)

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