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I was beating myself up all weekend about missing a post Friday. Then I went and missed one yesterday too. I’ve figured out that my idea of posting these at 4:30 every day wasn’t the best as people tend to come in at that time and ask about last minute problems. Sometimes these problems are really bad and I can’t put them off after a blog post. That got me thinking about distractions in general.

It’s pretty easy to get distracted in the IT world. Someone always has a problem, someone always wants to talk about their home computer, something will always be broken. Vendors and management will call at the worst possible times. Stuff just seems to come up. So to that end I think it’s best to try and schedule some down time each day to work on online content and social media.

I think it was Jack Spirko on his “Five Minutes With Jack” podcast (Which is awesome by the way) said you should take an hour out of your day to work out new content. Now while I can’t do this at work I think fifteen minutes is a good period of time at work to post stuff like what I’ve been trying to do. Now obviously if you work for some place where they are very uptight about posting any kind of work details online this is not a good idea. What I have noticed is that most IT departments lack a good internal Knowledge Base, which should be essential at any company. One thing I will be working on is improving ours, because there are so many little fixes we come up with that should be documented. So here’s my ideas for improving ours.

  • Add where to find stuff entries. Like “I can’t get this Office 2010 key to work”. Problem was that the MAK keys we have to use the install package on the media that was sent from Microsoft. It’s a protected knowledge base that we control access to, why weren’t the keys, that information as well as a link to the install package or which binder it was in posted on the Knowledge Base? Lazy IT guys that’s why. So stuff like that will be included now.
  • How to do things properly within our protocol should be there. I’ll be putting in our standards for adding and removing new users in the Knowledge Base.
  • Basically anything that is required for an IT person to do their job should be documented with whatever policies and protocols we have in place. I think the only exception is “How to Reboot a Computer”. That shouldn’t be in there because honestly if you don’t know how to do that you probably shouldn’t be touching one.

So those are my first baby steps towards better documentation.



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  1. So, are rewritten smrmeuies not counted no matter what? I just did a proper summery for the Planetary preview where there was originally just information on where it previously appeared, but no actual details on what the plot was about.Also, there wouldn’t happen to be a way to spy on the competition and see how many smrmeuies others have written, is there? Or would that ruin the fun of competition?

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