CSS, Gygax

I tried learning CSS today. Took a free tutorial. I think I have a
pretty good grasp of it now. Seems really useful to website design. Wish
I had known about it a long time ago when I very first started on web
design. I’ve been using GUI based web design programs like Frontpage for
a long time, but despite their convenience I’ve known they were really
holding me back. Sadly, GUI-WYSIWYG based IDE’s are way to convenient
not to use. If someone would design one that was the best of both worlds
I’d probably go for it. Expressions is pretty close, I still feel it
jerks around on a lot of the coding. Seems somewhat hard manage though.

Gary Gygax died today. I was sorry to hear that. I don’t have the
history playing D&D some have, only a few years. But in those few years
I learned a lot about managing people, making things fun, story telling,
and preparing for things better and what happens if you don’t. So I am
pretty thankful he did everything that he did.

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