Cold and my fried rice makes people sleepy, very sleepy

Earlier my dad asked if I could make some ‘chicken fried rice’ for my mom and everyone as my mom hadn’t ever had it. Now my idea of “Chicken Fried Rice” is fried rice with deep fried popcorn chicken in it. So I made a BIG skillet full of it. Lots of rice, lots of chicken and all that. So it’s really cold out today for some reason (it was hot yesterday) and the temperature combined with a belly full of fried rice and slightly oily chicken has made everyone but myself around here slip into a near comatose slumber. I may be next.

I live upstairs so I’ve got a little tea candle lit in here to stave off some of the heat. Not that I expect it actually does anything to keep things warm but the little fire makes me *think* it’s doing something, even though it’s really not. I actually managed to nearly burn the house down last year with one of these things. I made a wick out of a paper towel and managed to get the wax hot enough it burned itself. I had to snuff it because nothing was putting in out. I didn’t think to use CO2 on it but I did find out that those covers for CD spindles are great for putting out fires. Just slip it over things and it cuts off the oxygen supply well. If that doesn’t do it then it melts down and smothers it. So they are useful for something!

You can also make some cool ‘Star Wars’ like containers from the spindles and the lids by cutting off the spindle. They seal and stack!

I saw the South Park Warcraft episode earlier today. I thought it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. My brother found it in it’s entirety online somewhere. Still waiting for him to send it to me again. It’s great. It also explains WHY I quit. Not that there were any psychos killing everyone for no reason but because of how horribly tedious the game gets after a while. If they had stuff like that happening in game I’d weigh 900 pounds now because I’d never leave my seat except to eat.

Got an appraiser coming to measure the house tomorrow (maybe). My mom has been going a touch crazy trying to prep the house. Some water damage needed fixed and a few other things. So I’ve been paingint and doing my computer repair stuff today. The last appraiser that came was a total dumbass. He measured every freaking room in the house and asked us to help. He used a big tape measure instead of one of those cool lasar measuring devices they have now. I’d be getting one of them if I were him for inside. He expected total and complete perfection and gave us two hours notice so there was no way we had the house clean. He didn’t have to measure everything either, simple math would have given him all he needed. I hope these ladies are a lot better at it then he was.  They were supposed to come the 17th so we thought we had a lot of time to fix the few things that needed fixing. I guess not!

That kind of ruins the D&D session tonight. Not all bad though because the owner of this computer I’m working on now will hopefully call tonight so I can explain the situation. It’s doing that ‘reboot loop’ thing that happens sometimes when you shut the computer down wrong or use a bad version of Windows XP Professional to upgrade from. Hopefully it isn’t the latter because that pretty well calls for a computer wipe unless he has an OEM version of XP then I can do a repair, I hope. Otherwise I’ll have to back up all his data, wipe, reinstall and then give it back all for $50 and dang it I’m making something off this if it kills me. Fortunately I have practically all the software he does.

Let this be a warning to you all. ALWAYS UPDATE WINDOWS. Had he kept Windows up to date this would not have happened. Sadly he was probably using a pirated copy so he probably COULDN’T keep windows up to date.

Anyway I’m gonna tweak with our house rules for our D&D game. The BESM d20 system for Armor as damage reduction is NOT working well for us. Something with 13 armor is a huge pain to kill. I like the rest of the system though except I think it wasn’t very well thought out now that I’ve played it. Plus villains are harder to create. It doesn’t lend well to hack and slash at all either.

Oh well, I love this setting so let the tweaking commence!


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