Clients and their machines…

I’ve got a large somewhat unattractive machine sitting next to me happily installing a clean version of Windows on it. As I think I mentioned in an earlier post it was doing that thing where it starts up, blue screens and then restarts only to repeat the process ad nauseum. Usually I can fix the problem without wiping the hard drive. Microsoft’s fixes are retarded in these cases actually because I haven’t seen a manufacturer yet who installs Recovery Console as a boot option, and so many just send ‘wipe ‘n go’ Setup CDs with their machines.

I hate that because most people don’t back up and the vicious part of it is, you can’t install Recovery Console using Microsoft’s method with those disks because you CAN’T log into Windows.

Also Microsoft’s “redundancies” and “self repair” systems are a huge joke, if they even exist.

What irritated me in this case though was the owner of the machine claims that his version of XP Pro was from a “Microsoft Employee” and was an “early version”. That means I couldn’t actually fix the problem because no kernel32 file in existance was compatible. So I backed everything up I could on it, wiped the drive and started over. I only used backup CD’s to install Windows because I don’t want my originals getting screwed up. Yes I use the client’s CD keys (or occasionally ones from machines that no longer have that version on them) so I’m not doing anything illegal.

Anyway thankfully they didn’t have much on the machine, not that they could have with that ‘old’ version of XP Pro but at least it wasn’t a big deal to work with. I think their network card must be screwed up though because it isn’t functioning. It’s just great!

Oh well I’ll have to do the same thing to this computer soon I think because when I installed a new Windows system on it I forgot to have it wipe the hard drive, which is what I really wanted it to do. I was just too lazy to go back and do it over.

My ‘oldest younger sister’ came in for a visit today. We didn’t talk much. Was good to see her though really. ZB and her were wandering the city looking for people to freak out. I didn’t recognize her voice when she came up so I wasn’t totally sure who it was, I haven’t seen her in well over a year though. I found out that she’s a huge Harry Potter fan now so at least we finally have something in common.

I’m out for the day,


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