Clandestine Knowledge

Over the last three weeks I’ve had to obtain and apply several bits of information to perform my chosen occupation. I’ve had to wipe the CMOS of a laptop, and bypass the hard drive password someone had put on there maliciously, reset a Playstation 2’s parental controls and modify the BIOS of a SATA controller card.

It’s been an interesting holiday season, to say the least.

I took a look at the D&D site just now, saw this cartoon it’s pretty cool. Tieflings as a regular player option instead of gnomes. Sounds like a smart change to me.

Has anyone ever considered why the Player’s Handbook isn’t three or four separate books? I mean honestly? A book for rolling things up, then one for races and classes, one for feats and skills, one for magic and spells, and then a combat book. I know if my players could look at some of that in separate books or something, they’d find leveling up less intimidating.

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