Cats and Mythology

I have a large orange tom cat named Baron. He seems to have taken a keen interest in sleeping on my nightstand and blocking all the good air conditioning. Not sure why. Maybe he’s trying to protect me from getting cold or something. It’s kind of weird.

My dog Dilios has taken to protecting me from the cat by making sure he is securely up against me whenever possible or at least between me and the cat at all times. This makes for some interesting evenings sometimes.

I’ve been watching Introduction to Classical Mythology from the University of Missouri, a semester worth of lectures by Professor Joseph Hughes and some of his fellow professors. It’s really incredible. I thought I’d read a LOT of books on mythology, Greek, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and some Asian but apparently my education has been lacking and quite one sided. Maybe because I didn’t draw conclusions from those books, I simply read the stories for what they were and went on, didn’t really give them huge amounts of thought. Dr. Hughes is a lot more thorough in his examinations, and pretty funny too. Never heard a professor just flat out say, “I really don’t care at all about [topic]”.

The pop culture references are a bit dated, as best I can figure the videos were shot in about 1998-2001. I think it might say, but at any rate they are roughly ten years old. That isn’t extremely relavent but unless you were growing up in the 1990’s you might be confused by some of the references. You can download the whole set on iTunes for free. Personally I listen to them in the car during long drives for work or whatever. I have to say I have learned a lot and have been really inspired by them. Definitely will be looking on iTunes and elsewhere for more stuff like that.

I have to say I never really was one of those bookworms (though I am a bookworm)¬†that just went out and read the classics or poetry in general but I’m actually reading Euripides and am looking for some free downloads of the Illiad and The Odyssey. I can honestly say that if it were not for Dr. Hughes lectures I’d pretty well have absolutely no interest in reading actual ancient Greek literature (well english translations of such).¬† So thanks Dr. Hughes, new world of reading has been opened up for me.

Making a mental note to eventually change the coffee cup on the banner. The weird china just isn’t me. I’m more of a plain mug kind of guy, and I’m really more of a hardcore tea drinker anyway.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the lectures, Aaron, and thanks for the nice comments (yeah, I google myself). They were recorded in 1996, so the pop culture references are even staler than you originally thought.


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