Dark Cookbook – Cake of Neugbauer

A few days ago I read about a Harry Potter book that a bunch of hilarious writers generated with a predictive keyboard called “Botnik“.┬áIt appears that you can load any text into it you wish and it will generate a predictive keyboard based on that text. There’s all kinds of stuff there. The tutorial apparently […]

Emergency Smart Phone Preparedness In the Urban Landscape

Thought I’d diverge from the Geeky Faith stuff for a while. Stuff depresses me sometimes. Get back to good old geeky electronics and techno-survivalism. Thought I’d relate a story that my fiance and I went through about a year ago in Edmonton, Alberta. I was up there visiting during the winter and we decided to […]

Origins of Christian Holidays – Halloween and Lemuria – Part 4 of Several

The Real Depaganization – Lemuria So if in all likelihood the moving of All Saints Day to November wasn’t to Christianize Samhain, what was it for? Well it might have been to Christianize a different festival from Rome called “Lemuria”. According to Ovid the festival was instituted by Romulus himself to appease the spirit of […]

Origins of Christian Holidays – Halloween and Samhain – Part 3 of Several

Samhain – The Myth, The Truth and the Bullcrap So one of the big things we’re all told about Halloween is that it’s just a thinly veiled pagan holiday called “Samhain” that takes place on October 31st. The thought is that’s because that’s when the pagan Celts who did all kinds of horrible things thought […]

Airport Charging Kit

I wrote a post a while back on keeping your stuff charged at the airport and presented a few parts to minimize the amount of stuff you have to haul with you. My goal was to charge three items on one outlet through USB power. Well I don’t carry a laptop anymore, I carry a […]

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