Burning Crusade

Well, got my own copy of the expansion the other day. I have a few screen shots for the four World of Warcraft players who don’t have the expansion yet.

I decided to respec my druid to Balance once I got to Outland and died a few dozend times in bear form. Then I saw all the great feral druid gear they made. I regretted it but they also have a lot of great balance gear too, and after a few ridiculously easy quests my druid is now in full balance gear and apparently there’s a lot more of it to be had. Right now Jonathan and I are trying to knock out all the quests on the Hellfire Penninsula before we move on to the next zone. Neither of us have epic mounts yet, unfortunately, but I think with the flying mounts we’ll be good in Outland anyway.

We’re making a lot of gold too. I was surprised. The average gold per quest is around three gold, some offering as much as ten gold to complete them, and they are definitely not that hard. Lots of them are chain quests with three or four quests per chain, a lot of which are simply running from one place to another.

We killed a level 63 elite yesterday. Took four of us, and a group of three or four Alliance to pull it down. First we killed it and the Alliance helped, then they killed it and we helped to return the favor. The quest itself says it’s a suggested three man run, and yellow at level 60. In reality it took us a full five man group, plus alliance,  to take him down each of the five times we did it. The trinket reward for that quest was insane. I did not unfortunately get a screen shot of that, however I did get these.


That’s me about to race up the ramp and hit the Dark Portal, which I affectionately refer to as “The Stargate”. It’s hard to tell but I’m yawning.


This is what you see when you first enter Outland. Notice the huge Infernals down there beating on something.


The demons of Outland are huge, notice the little orc biting at her ankle, that’s Jonathan. We took a lot of these things down. If you’ll notice on the right there’s a metal something there. I think that’s a Fel Reaver, a giant elite that killed Nitanah in two hits, Jonathan in three, and I didn’t even hang around to see if I could survive four.


There I am, standing next to a normal sized orc. Orcs are small, they come up just past the waist on a tauren, almost to the shoulder.


This is your typical Outland orc. They are in fact as big as tauren for some reason. They must be eating steroids and tauren growth hormone with their morning wheaties. Yes I am standing right next to him there. He’s not the only one either.


Here’s the battle below the Dark Portal on Hellfire penninsula. That big demonic pit boss in the back looks really mean.


This is Silvermoon City. I thought this was a good shot. The designers did a wonderful job with the look. It’s way harder to navigate then even Undercity though. There’s a lot of funny stuff around the city though, the Horde Ambassadors’ chatter with the Blood Elf Delagate are really funny.


Nita and I found this in Silvermoon under one of the buildings. Not entirely sure what it is though. It’s called a “M’urr” or something like that. The elves seem to be building it.


Hunter, and his pet. That’s me in the chair. Apparently when they built the city, they used all the chair seats up or something. All the chairs have holes in them.


And finally, this is Exodar. The Draenei capitol city. It’s really pretty inside, but it is also a touch hard to navigate too.


I’m suffering from programmer’s block on my backup program, but I’ve solved the main issues surrounding it. Seperating it into two different apps is the main thing. A manual version where you build the backups and an auto version that actually handles the execution thereof. It’ll be interesting to work on anyway. Hopefully will have a release version soon.



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