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So I’ve renewed my subscription to World of Warcraft after nearly a year of not playing. I’ve had multiple hiatuses (or would it be hiati?) over the years and generally do come back for the expansions out of curiosity. What’s intrigued me the most about this current expansion and patch set isn’t the new stuff, but what they’re doing with old content. I’ve always wondered how a sprawling game like WoW could keep things fresh and interesting after a few years. It looks like Blizzard has managed to do that though by reworking a lot of the classic ‘vanilla’ content.

I think it’s about time too, I’ve always dreaded moving to a new server to follow friends just because the old content now seems dated and boring. I can do a lot of the early quests in my sleep, and may have done so on occasion. Also, I’ve said since the beginning that the Barrens was way to huge for a zone and hated questing there with passion (especially since when I started playing mounts were a level 40 thing).

I’m actually looking forward to making a few new characters and playing them through, especially since I’ve found a good server with a lot of heavy role-playing potential. I’ve generally always played on role-playing servers more for the fact that they usually have smaller populations. The normal servers, even the lower population ones usually fill up pretty fast. This is really the first time I’ve seen a consistently high amount of RP going on in World of Warcraft.

Got a character to 80 last night for the first time last night as well. It didn’t take a lot of dedication either. Just about ten or so half hour random dungeon runs and a few minutes of basic questing in between and I was pretty well set. Now if I only had some half decent gear to aide in getting to 85 on Tuesday.

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