Aaah The Burning Crusade and Rose Flavored Gum

I got to mess around in the WoW expansion today. It was pretty cool. The Draenei (I’ve been writing it “Dranei” for some reason all this time) starting area and capitol are pretty cool, unique anyway as far as the rest of the game is concerned. Hopefully I can get a few screen shots posted by Friday or Saturday if my copy gets here that quick.

The island concept is really cool at any rate. The other ‘islands’ in the game really aren’t as complex or ‘right feeling’ as Azuremyst is as far as geography goes. I did not get to check out the Blood Elves though, I was a bit skittish about trying them as most servers seem pretty infested with ’em right now.

I did get to quest with a Draenei paladin earlier. We killed Bellygrub in Redridge. Their Heroic Presence ability is pretty cool. I looked it up and three classes get one Presence ability and the other three classes get the other. Warriors, Paladins and Hunters get Heroic Presence which increases your chance to hit by 1% as well as all your party members in 30 feet. Mages, Priests and Shamans get Inspiring Presence which is the same thing as Heroic only with spells. I think it stacks actually, you get 1% from you and 1% from the Draenei in your party. I don’t think multiple Draenei count though.

What I don’t get is why Draenei Jewelcrafting bonus is only five when gnomes get a fifteen to Engineering and tauren get fifteen to Herbalism? Blood Elves even get a bonus of ten to Enchanting. It seems a touch unfair to me, especially since they get so little else.

So the racial healing spell is cool, but a little more skill wouldn’t hurt. Maybe a bonus of five to mining or something.


Stuff About Playing a Draenei

  • Always, Always, Always Group. The Presence abilities are pretty well useless outside a group, so you’ll always want to be in a group. If they do in fact stack, you’ll want to be in a full five man group and travel in packs if at all possible. If they don’t, you’ll still benefit from both Presences.
  • Use Greek or Romanian Names. If you RP, the Draenei seem to have heavy Greek or Romanian influence. Greek or Romanian names would be good. Russian, Polish and Scandinavian seem appropriate too. Of course any RP’er knows the name is only the start, but it’s a good start.
  • Gift Of Naaru. This ability is really useful. It heals a certain amount of health over fifteen seconds and this number goes up as you level. At level five the mage I was messing around with did 80 points. That’s pretty much as good as the druid healing over time spells if not better. Use it, but remember it has a two minute cool down. It does tend to make Draenei very attractive healers though.
  • Gemcutting. Jewelcrafting is the best skill for a Draenei to pick up if you want to get ahead in something pretty quick. Jewelers can make these little stone statues that heal you over time for a few seconds (and take aggro too), that’s a great ability. It takes a lot of stones to make those though, so prepare to mine a lot.
  • Backstory. The backstory is pretty obvious if you RP any, all Draenei are survivors from the crash of the Exodar. There’s not much variety possible here, not yet anyway. You might could play a Draenei that came to Azeroth before the crash, a scout ship or something, but for the most part the Draenei have only been here a month. The movie even says that specifically, which is retarded because it’ll still say that six months from now.
  • Draenei Can’t Be Rogues. Like tauren, Draenei can’t be rogues. Kind of dumb really since every group of people has to have its sneaky little jerks who’ll do anything for a gold piece. The tauren I can understand them being a more primitive tribal people, but the Draenei have high technology and all that, you need sneaks! Even the tauren have druids!
  • The Light. Remember the Draenei are zealous, if not fanatical followers of The Light. That means killing undead wherever they can be found, and extolling and exemplifying the virtues of The Light.

That all being said, honestly I’d stay away from the new races for a while. The Draenei starting area is pretty difficult to deal with right now. There is a quest where you have to kill some animate flowers, and it’s pretty much the only quest you’ll have in your log at that time. You have to collect ten of these little leaves, and only about three quarters of the things drop them. So everyone gets stuck there for quite a while killing these things, it’s very competitive. Hunters and Warriors obviously have the upper hand there as everyone else can’t damage those things quick enough. I ran into the same problem with the blood elf scout quest but fortunately those respawned pretty quickly.

For those wondering, here’s a site with a lot of the artwork and stuff. It’s a flash site, so make sure you have Adobe Flashplayer! It has some neat mini-games.


A while back I got some rose flavored gum from J-List (do a search for ‘kanebo’, it’s faster then looking at their gum selection. Go to if you are under 18 or don’t want to risk all the erotic crap they sell showing up. That being said, JBox doesn’t have a lot of the non-adult products either though). It’s really good, but I’m almost out. I’m hoping the Asian food store on 24th and Grand has it. is the site of the company that makes the stuff, and amazingly they do have an english site too. Too bad they don’t have an english catalog online yet. I sent them a message, maybe if they have an english catalog or have US retailers they’ll let me know.

I found Pocky at Wal-Mart of all places, hopefully the gigantic Asian supermarket will have that too. It was $.93 for a small box of it, but it looked like they stock it pretty often. I found it with the soy sauce on accident (I was looking for rice vinegar). It’s good stuff, but I only saw the original. The boxes I imported seemed a lot fresher then this though.

Hoping to find some Matcha tea at the store tomorrow too. I’ve been dying to try it but I don’t want to order it. Some of the food stuff is really cheap, but the shipping is so high it’s insane.

Anyway, I’m out,


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