Demonization is Profitable

I think I’ve written about this before. The idea that the more something gets demonized the more popular it becomes, and by extension the more profitable it becomes for the people who produce it. I’ve said repeatedly that if I ever buckle down and write a novel that I’d take five hundred copies and immediately… Continue reading Demonization is Profitable

Odd Habits

The subject of ‘weird habits’ came up today when I ran to the local convenience store for lunch. I started driving at fifteen, got my license at sixteen. Almost immediately I noticed I and other people were wasting huge amounts of time and gas looking for parking spots, especially at big box stores. So I… Continue reading Odd Habits

Keeping Your Electronics Charged While Travelling- Product Updates for 2021

I don’t travel so much by plane anymore. I do have a few really long road trips planned, and since those will be largely from California to Texas, there’s some hotel stays involved. In my previous article I wrote about reducing the weight of stuff you’re carrying and trying to only take up one outlet… Continue reading Keeping Your Electronics Charged While Travelling- Product Updates for 2021

New Year 2021!

It’s the beginning of a new year, after a particularly crappy one for most people. For me, it wasn’t so bad, just stressful. I moved to Los Angeles late in 2019 to be with my now wife. Found a decent place to live that allows the animals we own. I tried to refrain from writing… Continue reading New Year 2021!

Weird Theories – Word Origins – The Word Vaccine

Over the past couple months I’ve been listening to some conspiracy theory podcasts. As purely a form of entertainment, what with current events. One particularly popular topic these days is that of vaccines, for obvious reasons. This isn’t an article that’s anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine, just one talking about where the word comes from. On more… Continue reading Weird Theories – Word Origins – The Word Vaccine

Dark Cookbook – Cake of Neugbauer

A few days ago I read about a Harry Potter book that a bunch of hilarious writers generated with a predictive keyboard called “Botnik“. It appears that you can load any text into it you wish and it will generate a predictive keyboard based on that text. There’s all kinds of stuff there. The tutorial apparently… Continue reading Dark Cookbook – Cake of Neugbauer